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  1. Meagen

    *giggling intensifies*

  2. Frances Levine


  3. Cindy Lou

    Nikki, this is why my friends and I seek you out everytime you come to Dallas! Love love love your work!

  4. Starwhirl

    xD Lav it

  5. Emily R

    The way you designed the grim reaper is too cute to handle!

  6. Another awesome strip. I love having another web-comic buddy so close!

  7. Cindy Lou

    Bwahahaha! I love this! I hope you are going to have some of this art for sale at one of your shows! (Hopefully Dallas!)

  8. Cindy Lou

    Dear God! You are killing me, Nikki! This is all so great!

  9. Cindy Lou

    I’m trying to be patient!!!

  10. Mackizar


  11. Amanda

    Whaaaaa Adorable Mortimer and Hipster Anubis?! I’m totally sold.

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